RHSE Curriculum Mapping Document

From September 2020 the Government is introducing compulsory Relationships and Health Education at primary level. This is not new for us in Catholic schools, we have always placed a strong emphasis on the development of the ‘whole person’ through our distinctive education which seeks to form as well as inform young people in preparation for life.

What is Relationships Education?

The Government advises that Relationships Education: will put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships, including with family, friends and online. By the end of primary school, pupils will have been taught content on:

· Families and people who care for me

· Caring friendships

· Respectful relationships

· Online relationships

· Being safe

What is Health Education?

Health Education is described as giving children the information they need to make good decisions about their own health and wellbeing, to recognise issues in themselves and others and to seek support as early as possible when issues arise. By the end of primary school, pupils will be taught content on:

· Mental wellbeing

· Internet safety and harms

· Physical health and fitness

· Healthy eating

· Facts and risks associated with drugs, alcohol and tobacco

· Health and prevention

· Basic first aid

· Changing adolescent body

A Journey In Love (RSE)

A Journey in Love is a resource created by Sister Jude Groden of BRES.  It is the recommended programme of study for Catholic schools for Sex and Relationship Education, and has been written as a progressive scheme of work that supports the Religious Education, PSHE and Science curricula taught within the school.

As children progress through school, they discover more and more about themselves and the wider world.  This thirst for learning new things in all aspects of life is fostered by the school, who attempt to create a safe, stimulating environment for learning; supporting all children in their development.  Our mission statement which drives the school, attempts to achieve this goal following the Gospel values of truth and respect, understanding our journey as children of God, both special and unique.

Central to our work within the school is learning about our faith, including understanding ourselves, our position in our community and how we develop as human beings – our spiritual, social, emotional and physical development.  This is how A Journey in Love fits in to the school’s curriculum.  The scheme permeates through all levels of learning throughout the school.  It focuses on friendship, family, community, relationships and spirituality; a guide to the children’s development as young Catholics.

As you would expect, not all issues related to personal development are covered by the end of Year 6.  The content is age appropriate and is taught with sensitivity, taking into account the children’s level of maturity in regard to the delivery of the lessons.

As with all aspects of learning, children are naturally curious and many will have questions related to their lessons.  Opportunities to discuss questions form part of the lessons and, again, these are treated with care and understanding. The themes are visible on the doors of every classroom and next to RE displays to support learning.


In Reception the children learn God loving each of us in our uniqueness. The children will know and understand that God has made them unique and that although we are all different, we are special to him.

Year 1

In Year One the children learn about meeting God’s love in our family. The children know and understand that they are growing and developing as members of their own family and God’s family.

Year 2

In Year Two the children learn about meeting God’s love in the community. The children will know and understand that they are growing and developing in a God-given community.

Year 3

In Year Three the children learn about how we live in love. The children will know and understand the virtues essential to friendship e.g. loyalty, responsibility etc. and experience the importance both of forgiving and being forgiven and of celebrating God’s forgiveness.

Year 4

In Year 4 the children learn about how God loves us in our differences. The children will know and understand that they are all different and celebrate these differences as they appreciate that God’s love accepts us as we are and as we change.

Year 5

In Year Five the children learn about God loving them in their changing and development. The children will know and become aware of the physical and emotional changes that accompany puberty- sensitivity, mood swings, anger, boredom etc. and grow further in their understanding of God’s presence in their daily lives.

Year 6

In Year Six the children learn about the wonder of God’s love in creating new life. The children develop, in an appropriate way for their age, an understanding of sexuality and grow further in their appreciation of their dignity and worth as children of God.

As parents you are the first educators of your children. It is your right and responsibility to inform and educate your children in matters relating to human growth and development, particularly sexual development. Therefore,  as a school we will always seek to work in partnership with you and the teaching offered by  us as a school should complement and not replace your primary role. The Church has a special duty and right to educate as part of its mission, and a Catholic school is the principal means by which it assists you as parents in your duties.

During the Pentecost Term of Year 5 the first phase of the programme will be delivered. This focuses upon body changes in puberty, boy’s changes, menstruation, health and hygiene and ‘what kind of person do I want to be?’

Parents continue to have the right to withdraw their children from Sex Education except in those elements which are required by the National Curriculum science orders. Should parents wish to withdraw their children they are asked to notify the school by contacting the Headteacher. The school will provide support by providing material for parents to help the children with their learning.

Journey in Love accompanying resources are available in school if you would like to discuss them

A Journey in Love Guide for Parents 

RSHE Parent Pocket Guide

RSE Primary Leaflet for Parents