Pupil Voice

At St Norbert’s we want children to learn to be responsible citizens and to make rational decisions based on a balanced view.  We want them to be able to have a say in how their learning is shaped and to be able to suggest ways in which they can contribute to the school’s community.

Our children have a voice through the School Council which has representatives from each year group and meets regularly. We also have an Eco Council which works together with adults to create a sustainable school. As the Gospel values are at the heart of St. Norbert’s we also have a chaplaincy team to spread the good news and be a living embodiment of our mission statement. Our Road Safety Officers endeavor to keep our pupils safe and raise awareness of safe journeys. We are also very fortunate to have Language buddies in each class that support new children joining our school to get to know their surroundings.

Children at St Norbert’s have been asked a series of questions, click below to see their responses to the following questions.

What stands out at our School?

What are our Learning Environments like?

What is our Mission?

What do we value in School?

How do we Encounter Christ?

What have we achieved this year as a School?  How does this link to our articles?

How do we live like disciples?