Our Parents’ Association

We are a registered charity, run by a group of volunteering parents, working closely with teachers and pupils. We organise fundraising events throughout the school year to raise as much money as we can for those extra things that tight budgets may not stretch to. We meet once a term to share ideas and plan fun activities for all to enjoy. The Friends group is also a great way for parents to get involved with the school and meet other parents, whilst making a valuable contribution to the whole school.

Our Fundraising

All the money that you help us raise goes back in to the school to support and enhance the children’s learning experiences. There is an extensive list of items that have been purchased over the years to the benefit of all the pupils. With a generous contribution from the School Governors, we jointly purchased 5 pieces of outdoor gym equipment, accessible to children in the playground during break times and for use during structured PE sessions.

Your donations over the years have also helped to fund the fantastic Outdoor Classroom. The school were granted lottery funding for the build, but the shopping list was extensive to create a usable nature area for the children and local community to enjoy.  Outdoor learning has given children the opportunity to acquire a range of vital skills from learning how to interact with a group, taking responsibility for living creatures and caring for the outdoor environment and nature around them.  Purchases of mini beast hedgehog habitats, bamboo plants, bird hides, circular tree seat, wind and chain chimes, drums, mounted outdoor music panels, bark chips, storage, fencing and pathways have helped to bring this wonderful area to life.

In the past 5 years The Friends have used funds to transform the school library, creating a wonderful area for teachers and children to share story times, including a fantastic area that transports children into the fantasy land of Narnia. The crisp white snowy scene is crafted with icicle beaded curtains, soft white furnishings and lighting.  There is also a mural to portray the scene of the famous C.S. Lewis novel is the perfect setting to let imaginations run.  In addition there is a fantastic reading woodland with a storytelling chair, a giant tree, woodland furnishings and themed wall art.

The Friends also help fund school buses for trips, theatre performances and similar in-school experiences.


The Friends raise funds through various fun and interactive events over the school year. Events include cake sales, discos, movie nights, pumpkin decorating, themed events, non-uniform days, eco events, Christmas grotto, raffles, clothing collections and much more.

The biggest fundraising event of the year is the annual Summer Fair, which guarantees a fun-packed afternoon for all the family to enjoy.

How You Can Help

There are many ways that parents can help support. Your help is much needed and can be as little or as much as you can give. You could join the group of Friends, volunteer at our events and activities as and when you can, or you could simply offer ideas and suggestions to making fundraising fun for all. Please leave your name at the school office if you would like to help in any way. Most importantly we ask that you and your child support our events to make them a fundraising success.

Thank you for your ongoing help in supporting our events in any way.

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Norbert Bear is The Friends mascot, helping us to put the FUN into fundraising!