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Year 5                          Teacher:  Miss Whyles                Lent 2

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Year 5 Learning Grid Homework 1st April


We have already been busy this term, exploring the fateful event of the Titanic sinking as part of our topic ‘Why did the Titanic sink’.

We have been learning about newspapers and their features and have learnt some key editorial terms (thanks to Miss Whyles’ father) such as headline, strap line, ear pieces, pictures and captions and the mast head. We have also been drawing comparisons between tabloids and broad sheet newspapers and finding the difference between fact and opinion.

To partner this work, we will be developing our own journalistic styles and writing newspaper articles in English and developing our layout and designs in ICT learning. We have also learnt new skills in presenting information through QR codes.

In RE we will be thinking about the Eucharist as a memorial sacrifice in the Jewish sense of remembering, that it makes the past into a present reality. It is a memorial of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross through which Christ gave his body and blood for the salvation of all people and that it is a source of hope for the future.

Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.

Let us pray:

Lord Jesus Christ,

In you we know the love of God.

When we gather together in your name

We experience the marvel of your loving presence

which challenges us to live for one another.

Help us to follow your example

So that we may never become complacent.

Help us to listen to your constant call to us.

To continue the work you began,

You who lived and died for us.

Grant this through your Spirit of Love.


Useful Websites to support Learning:

(If you discover Titanic related websites let me know and I will add them to the list!)