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Year 3                          Mrs Franklin                          Pentecost 2

Year 3 Class Newsletter Pentecost 2
Year 3 Recommended Reads Pentecost 2
Angelus Prayer

Home Learning Below;

Year 3 Class Learning Friday 10th July
Year 3 The World as a Special Place
Year 3 Add & Subtract Capacities
Year 3 Class Learning Thursday 9th July
Year 3 Bread Making
Year 3 Compare Capacities
Year 3 Class Learning Wednesday 8th July
Year 3 Measure Capacity 2
Year 3 Class Learning Tuesday 7th July
Year 3 Holy Places of Worship
Year 3 Measure Capacity
Year 3 Class Learning Monday 6th July
Year 3 Class Learning Friday 3rd July
Year 3 Special Places for Jesus
Year 3 Mass Addition & Subtract 
Year 3 Class Learning Thursday 2nd July
Year 3 Compare Mass
Year 3 The Great Bread Bake off
Year 3 French - What's the Date
Year 3 Class Learning Wednesday 1st July
Year 3 All about Scotland
Year 3 Measure Mass
Year 3 Class Learning Tuesday 30th June
Year 3 Measure Mass
Year 3 Class Learning Monday 29th June
Year 3 Escape the Beach Hut Game
World Book Reader

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Writing Standards
Writing Standards
Writing Standards KPI

Year 3 is the first year group in Key Stage 2.

The school day starts at 8.55am and finishes at 3.15pm.


Class Teacher: Mrs Kathryn Franklin

Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs Katrina Barrett

Welcome to Lent Term 2020.

Our Year 3 Termly newsletter will be sent home at the beginning of term and gives useful information about this term.

Our Year 3 Knowledge Organisers outlines what we are covering this term and will be sent home at the beginning of term.

Please find the link to these two documents above.

Dates and News 

Please see the diary dates tab on the website.


Year 3 children have two PE sessions each week. Please ensure your child has the appropriate kit to suit all weathers, including indoor and outdoor footwear.

Please visit our policy page to read our uniform policy.


Homework is handed out every week on a Friday. Homework is expected to be handed in the following Wednesday. Please see the attachment for this week’s homework task.


See our English page for Reading updates.

See our library page for recommended reading lists.


Spellings are given out each Friday and tested in school the next Friday. These spellings may have a specific focus or may be taken from the Year 3/4 statutory spelling list.

Times Tables

By the end of Year 3, pupils should know their 2x, 3x, 5x  8x and 10x tables confidently. Please help your child to practise their times tables at home. These will be tested each week.

The School Day

Start of the day

The playground gates open at 8.45am and children may come onto the playground. When the bell goes at 8.55am, children need to line up with their class, ready to be collected by their class teacher.

Break time

Children may bring in a healthy snack to eat at morning break. Milk is available for those who have signed up for it.


Children can bring a packed lunch to school or sign up for a hot meal provided by Farm Kitchen. Please contact our school office for more information on how to sign up for school lunches. 

End of the day

The school day finishes at 3.15pm. The teachers will open their classroom door that leads into the playground o they can be met by the adult picking them up. Please ensure your child is collected promptly. Children who are not collected on time will be taken to the School Office to wait.

Supporting Your Child At Home

You will find useful information and resources to help support your child at home on our curriculum pages.

Secondary School

We encourage parents and carers to start considering secondary school choices and visiting some schools. Applications need to be made early in Year 6 and some parents find that looking around schools over a couple of years allows them to get a better understanding of what the choices are.

Parents Meeting Teachers

Parents' Evenings are held in the Advent and Lent terms - a 10 minute appointment with your child's teacher to discuss progress. At other times, please feel free to come and see us if you have any concerns or worries about your child at school. 

For anything further, an appointment can be made to discuss your concerns in more depth.

We want parents to feel welcome in our school. Please see your child’s teacher if you would like to help, for example, by accompanying classes on outings.


St Norbert’s is a 'Healthy School' and, as such, we would prefer not to share sweets, chocolate or cakes brought into the classroom. This includes birthday cakes.

If you wish, you can send in a plate of fruit or donate a book to your child’s class and write a birthday message inside. (It is always best to check the suitability of a particular book, with the class teacher, before you purchase it.)