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Year 3                      Teacher:  Mrs Franklin             Lent 1

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Article 10 Families who live in different countries should be allowed to move between those countries so that parents and children can stay in contact, or get back together as a family.

Welcome back Year 3 to 2019! I hope you enjoyed the Christmas period and were able to relax and catch-up with family and friends.

This term our learning is based around our topic question of…

‘Why do people holiday in France?’

It is an exciting country with many traditions and cultures. We will learn about France and its location to England, its language and history. We will learn about their food and produce. Here is a bit of information to show you some of the exciting themes we will be looking at this term. As usual there will be opportunities each week for you to bring any objects, pictures or books, based around our French theme; recipes; photographs from previous holidays; Postcards.

Here are some of the questions we would like to find answers to this term;

What famous places are there in France?

How many different cheeses are there in France?

What different foods are there?

What animals are native to France?

How many different languages do they speak?

How hot was the hottest day in France?

How cold is it in France at Christmas?

Are there any oceans around France?

What kind of clothes do they wear and have they changed much over the years?

 Do they have any famous artists/dancers?

Do they have a king/queen/governor/president?

 You will be given the opportunity to learn more about the French culture and how the landscape is different around the country. We will also look at the countries weather (climate) and compare the different temperatures across France and look for similarities and differences to our own.

In our science topic this term we will be learning about Light and Shadow. We will investigate different light sources, carry out experiments to find out the most reflective surfaces and create shadows and see how thy change through the day!

Our theme for R.E this term is Journeys and we will be looking at the church community and following the key events within the church’s calendar. You have the opportunity to reflect on and explore the symbols and representations used at these times and comment on how the community prepares.  We will look at the liturgical year, The Seasons of the Church’s year, Ordinary time, The Feast of our Lady, The Pilgrimage Psalms and a Christian’s life journey. A visit to church or a chat with Father Jim would certainly support our work on this topic.

On your journey which worship hymn do you like to sing? 

In the Outdoor Classroom we will be learning to measure, calculate and solve mathematical problems involving Journeys. We will look at travelling through the outdoor spaces, recording times, measuring times and plotting our times using data handling skills. We will also be creatively constructing model vehicles to measure their speed across the wooded floor!

Keep your eyes open as we complete various activities we will post photographs on our class page to celebrate our achievements.

Useful Websites to support Learning:

For all our Maths online games try out topmarks link below;

Writing a story or just improving your English? Try out the topmarks English games.

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