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Special Events 

We have many special events and themed days throughout the school year, here are just some of the events we have recently had in and out of school. 

Adrenalin Martial Arts Visit October 2019

On Wednesday 16th October, Adrenalin Martial Arts visited the school and delivered a workshop for each year group. The Sensei gave a brief introduction to karate before teaching the children some moves to aid their concentration. The children enjoyed their taster session and were given a letter to take home entitling them to a free session at one of Adrenalin Martial Arts Clubs outside of school.

Year 6 Briars Residential 2019



‘Year 6 children from St. Norbert’s Catholic Academy School have spent three days enjoying the teachings and messages delivered by Naomi and the team at the Briars Catholic retreat in Crich. The theme shared during our stay was Journeys - preparing our children for their journey through Year 6 and onto Year 7. The leaders were able to share and link the theme to the journey we experience with God, a journey in Faith and Love. The children thoroughly enjoyed galvanising their faith through a vast array of games, songs and liturgies. Athe Briars the Year 6’s met up with children from Grace Dieu school enabling the children to share their respective journeys and gather together through acts of worship, prayer and teamwork - amazing opportunities to understand how God’s love is unconditionally given to each of us. This love was shared during Mass led by Fr. Johnathan, a reflection upon journeys we all make with God. St. Norbert’s Yr6’s have grown in faith during our stay at the Briars; grown in love; grown in confidence.confidently the children have shone in their
St Norbert’s children have made so many new friends from both the Briars and Grace Deiu- collecting memories and friendships they will recall and revisit for many years to come.’

 A Life Fitness - January 2019



Last week we had a very busy day throughout the school with A-Life who came in and delivered a really informative session on healthy eating in the morning – the children were shocked at how much sugar and salt there was in their favourite foods and drinks. In the afternoon KS2 had a circuit training session and Years 1 and 2 had a fun fitness session – all the children enjoyed these sessions taking part in different activities and using different equipment. 



World Wide Fruits - January 2019


A huge thank you to Worldwide Fruit in Spalding for their fantastic donation of apples and pears for the children to enjoy at breaktimes. As you can see from the pictures these were a great treat!



Festive Daily Mile


We’ve had a fantastic day taking part in our sponsored Christmas Jumper Day Festive Daily Mile! 8 laps of our field is one mile and the children have been set a challenge to see if they can walk to Lapland by the end of the term - it’s over 2,000 miles so the children will be encouraged to do many miles as possible! 

Sports Day 2018  

The day was filled with great successes and the level of team work and sportsmanship by all involved was second to none. Thank you to all the parents and family members, who were able to enjoy the day with us and for those who supported the Friends by purchasing drinks and ice creams, £184 was raised for continued provision for the school.

Year 2 and 3 trip to Lincoln Castle   

Children in Year 2 and 3 had a fabulous day at Lincoln Castle on Tuesday. Children learnt about what life in a castle would have been like 800 years ago. Pupils participated in lots of exciting workshops such as how to train as a knight,  the history of shields. Dressings up was  especially exciting, trying on armour and looking at the swords and daggers.  Banquets were enormous fun, with lots of food such as salmon, venison and hogs washed down with mead or wine.  There would be singing, dancing and even a jester.

The children also had the opportunity to walk around the castle wall, learning about the history of the castle structure, which was originally commissioned by William the conqueror and made out of wood.

Sion Mission June 2018  

Sion Mission Day 3. Year 2 learnt all about God our Father is a King so that makes us princes and princesses! We all thanked God for all the princes and princesses in our class. Even Miss Bools and Ruth were prayed for.

Amanda from the Sion Mission shares a clear message with the KS1 children, parents and visitors...God loves each one of us - if we have Jesus in our lives, we will have a purpose - our lives will bear fruit for God.


Celebrating Love and Marriage- 4th May 2018

This weekend marks an annual celebration for our local area, with many churches hosting flower festivals and events celebrating the rich, horticultural history of the South Holland region of Lincolnshire. However this weekend will be a historic, memorable one for a member of our school family and community. It is with great joy that we send our best wishes, thoughts and prayers to Miss Blacoe who on Saturday 5th May will become Mrs Hibbert through the blessed Sacrament of Marriage. We look forward to joining the happy couple and witnessing the promises they will make to one another. I am sure you will join with us in sending your best wishes and we look forward to welcoming Mrs Hibbert back to school next week.   
British Values Workshop April 2018  
Children at Saint Norbert’s welcomed Jamie from Bigfoot Education who came to share with us the importance of the Rights of the Child and British Values. All the children took part in a lively assembly, introducing the main concepts and links. Following this, children in Key Stage 2 took part in an active session all about British Values and what they mean. They learnt about liberty, respect, mutual tolerance and acceptance, rule of law and total democracy using our five fingers to help us remember. The children identified how they were showing these qualities through exciting games and freeze frame role play and made up actions to use in class to signify these values.
KS2 PGL Day February 2018  
Ten very excited KS2 children left school bright and early on Tuesday to brave the snowy challenges at PGL Caythorpe. The first activity was the Challenge Course, made trickier by the slippery covering of snow, but they were all prepared to take on the task of avoiding the “sharks” below and successfully completed it. They then had an indoor pit stop to warm up with juice before taking on the Giant Swing. Again, another huge success, with all children participating in both the swinging and showing great team work in pulling the rope to make the swing go as high as possible! Well done to all the children for getting involved despite the cold conditions!  
Year 1 Museum Trip February 2018  

Year 1 went to Peterborough Museum to explore and learn about different toys from the past. During the morning we had the opportunity to look at an old style teddy and doll and compared the materials they were made from to materials more commonly used now. There were also a range of toys to play with and we were able to investigate how to make them work using pushes, pulls and twists. After lunch, we went in search of different toys in the Museum itself, as well as explore the artefacts they have there, ranging from prehistoric to modern day. Before the end of the day we took part in a mini drama session, re-telling the story of a toy maker and his toys. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who were able to support the children during the visit.

St Norbert's At Work Day February 2018  

We held our annual Saint Norbert's at Work day where parents were invited into school for the morning. We received many fantastic comments from the parents- see parental evaluation results

Parental Evaluation Results


Year 6 Visit WW2 Museum December 2017  
Year 6 visited Well Meet Again: World War 2 Museum at Frieston Shore in December 2017. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as the vast collection of WW1 and WW2 artefacts on display.  

Year 6 Visit-November 2017
PC McMurray visited Year 6 as part of their RE topic on Vocation and Commitment. In full Police Dress uniform, PC McMurray was able to share his life journey and his calling to be part of Her Majesty’s Police Service, serving the Crown. The children asked some very deep questions about his role as an officer and the fact that he has placed his life at the service of the public. The children were very pleased to have welcomed PC McMurray into Year 6, having taken their notes, gathered key information for their topic and been able to share their understanding of commitment with him. 


Reception Bike Licences-May 2017
Over the last few weeks, children in Reception have been developing their balancing skills on our balance bikes. Once confident, they have moved on to the pedal bike, showing great determination to ride a bike on their own and have received their pedal bike licence.


Book Week/ Narnia Day-March 2017
St Norbert’s delved into the world of Narnia to celebrate reading and the renovation of our library. Pupils and staff took part by dressing up in wonderful costumes and engaging in a range of exciting Narnia themed activities.

Whilst activities were taking place in classrooms, Miss Whyles and Mrs Whyles were very busy in the library designing and painting a magical Narnia wall mural. The new design brings our library to life, immersing pupils into the world of Narnia and creating a wonderful space where pupils can sit, relax and read for pleasure. 


Year 4 Residential Caythorpe-February 2017
Year 4 embarked upon an exciting adventure to Caythorpe last term. They embraced every challenge they were given, despite the low temperatures and snow! The pupils took part in a wide range of activities, including Fencing, High Ropes and ZipWire. Archery was a great success! The children showed fantastic listening skills and there were a few Robin Hood’s hitting the bulls eye! 


Charelie and the Chocolate Factory Workshop
Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came to life for Year 4 with an exciting drama workshop based on their class book. It inspired the children to think, in depth, about the characters and their personalities, by showing their great drama skills, freeze framing in the parts of Mike Teavee, Verruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop and Charlie himself. Before lunch the pupils had the chance to design their own sweet!

The children became Willy Wonka’s amazing chewing gum machine and imagined eating their very own “Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum!” The children worked in groups of five to create their own machine and reactions after eating their sweets. They then created a goodbye dance and presented it to the rest of the class. 


BLP STEM Day- 17th January 2017
Science invasion at St Norbert’s Primary School!The whole of St Norbert’s Primary school shared in a massive STEAM Challenge day. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. 

The day consisted of each class being set a Movie challenge to help the characters in their specific film. For example, the Year 6 children were challenged with ‘The Angry Birds’ Movie, which required them to help Chuck, Big Red and Bomb (Characters from the Movie) save the eggs. As part of the day the children across the school were challenged to use their communication skills to discuss a range of problems they had been given, in order to solve and help the characters in their movie. 

STEAM Day activities

STEAM Challenge cards