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EYFS Recovery Statement

Time has been very strange especially for our younger learners and the excitement of starting school is a huge step in any child’s life. Covid has supported and promoted the importance of family  and the world around them in a positive way and will be used to support transition. We will ensure we are supporting children to familiarise themselves with the school environment so that they can start building relationships with key members of staff. Children will have missed opportunities in the last few terms of nursery to become fully school ready. The EYFS curriculum will provide opportunities for this in a variety of characteristic ways such as role-play activities, encouraging independence at lunch and snack times and encouraging children to develop independence when putting on their coats/shoes and with personal self-care skills. Circle time games will support personal and social and communication skills as part of a phased recovery in EYFS.

EYFS Phonics Flashcard Set 1
EYFS Phonics Flashcard Set 2
EYFS Phonics Flashcard Set 3
EYFS Phonics Flashcard Set 4
EYFS Phonics Flashcard Set 5
EYFS Writing Standards
EYFS Writing Standards



Welcome to Reception. Children will be working towards the new Early Learning Goals.


Children may arrive at school at 8.30 and join their friends on the playground. 


School starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm. Please phone the School Office if you are delayed. If you've arranged for someone else to collect your child please inform the class teacher, teaching assistant or office staff in advance. 




Class Teacher: Mrs Bradley


Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Dear


Additional Adults: Mrs Lattimer 


Information for you and your child


At the beginning of each term, our Reception News, Knowledge Organiser and recommended reads are uploaded to the files section of Microsoft Teams.


News & Dates 


See diary dates tab on website and key diary dates on newsletter.




School uniform and P.E. kit is compulsory. 


All clothing (including hats, scarves) must be labelled with your child’s name and class.  


Jewellery should be removed for sports activities. 


Visit our Policy tab to look at uniform policy.  



Children are to come to school on a Monday in their PE Kits




Please check the Galleries page for photos and our twitter feed. 


The School Day 


Break Time 


Your child will be offered a fruit/vegetable snack at morning break time. Children may bring in a fruit/vegetable snack from home but no other snacks are permitted. 


Milk is available at snack time and is free for under 5’s. If your child wishes to have milk once they turn five please see the office. 


Lunch Time 


Lunch for Reception pupils is from 12.00pm. to 1pm.  


Children in Reception receive a FREE SCHOOL MEAL, which is funded by the Government. You will receive a login code at induction for farm kitchens menus. You need to order your child’s meals by 3.00pm on a Tuesday to receive the meals the following week. 




See attached weekly homework activities uploaded to Microsoft Teams.  Check out our parent pocket guides and look at our policy. Remember short 5minute activities daily throughout the week will help consolidate learning at home. Practise recognising those graphemes when hearing a phoneme. Reading and writing tricky words and digit recognition to 10.  Don’t forget to check out weekly video on Microsoft teams talking through the homework.




See our English Curriculum page and library page for recommended reading lists and our reading parent pocket guide. Share stories, make up stories or listen to stories everyday with your child. Record in your reading record when your child has read with a comment on their reading or a smiley face. Please can reading books and records kept in your child’s bag each day so we can hear them read at school too. Your child will be given two books every Monday. Once we start phase 2 phonics your child will receive an online book linked to the phonemes learnt to read weekly at home too!


Meeting Teachers 


Communication can be made via, Tapestry or by phoning the office after 3.15pm to speak with the class teacher. You can also email enquiries@st-norberts.lincs.sch.uk and the message will be shared with the class teacher.




If you wish, you can donate a book to your child’s class and write a birthday message inside. 


St Norbert's is a 'Healthy School' and would prefer sweets, chocolate or cakes not to be brought into the classroom; this includes birthday cakes. 


If you wish you can buy a book to donate to your child's class and it could be inscribed: 


This book has been donated to Class ... to celebrate the birthday of ... 


Please DO NOT ask teachers to distribute 'birthday bags' or invitations. 


Useful Websites to support Learning: