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Reception                            Mrs Bradley                         Lent 2

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EYFS Writing Standards

EYFS Writing Standards

EYFS Home Learning Together 18th March

Theme: Around the World

All our learning evolves from trying to create an environment in which pupils can demonstrate the key characteristics of effective learning. All of our learning opportunities and activities seek to provide pupils with the opportunity to:

Play and explore – engagement with learning:

-Finding out and exploring

-Playing with what they know

-Being willing to ‘have a go’

Active learning – motivation to learn:

-Being involved and concentrating

-Keeping trying

-Enjoying achieving what they set out to do

Creating and thinking critically – thinking about what they are learning:

-Having their own ideas

-Making links

-Choosing ways to do things

Welcome back to Lent 2.  We are looking forward to our topic Around the World.  Children will have the opportunity to find out about other places in the world when looking at each of the different continents. We have a continents and oceans song to learn. They will locate countries on a globe and learn about famous landmarks, animal’s traditions and cultures.  Through a visit to London looking at famous landmarks with Paddington bear we will write a postcard to Aunt Lucy and when visiting Australia and meeting Wander the Wombat we will write a diary entry and much more.

Our RE topic is focused on Gathering. We will talk about who we enjoy gathering with at school, at home and out and about. We will talk about our parish family and how we gather together in church at mass to listen to God’s Word. During Lent we will visit Church for Ash Wednesday Mass and talk about how we can be good Disciples of Jesus.

Lord Jesus Christ,

in you we know the love of God.

When we gather together in your name

we experience the marvel of your loving presence

which challenges us to live for one another.

Help us to follow your example

so that we may never become complacent.

Help us to listen to your constant call to us

to continue the work you began,

you who lived and died for us.

Grant this through your Spirit of Love.


(Prayer for Unity of Christians)

Useful Websites to support Learning: – 5 Oceans Song – 7 Continents Song - Barnaby Bear clips visiting different places - Landmarks of London - Australian Animals – If you go into the bush song