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Headlice Treatment

Headlice Information Document

Prescribed Medication
Many medications can be prescribed so that doses only need to be given when pupils are at home and we encourage parents to ask the doctor or dentist about this.  However, some may need to be given in school e.g.:

(i) Those where the child has some form of chronic illness such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma or hayfever;

(ii) Those where the child has a short term illness such as tonsillitis, chesty cold or ear ache.

(iii) Ritalin (methylphenidate) as part of a behaviour management/modification programme

Only medicines in their original container, and labelled with the child’s name, together with the amount/frequency of dosage, should be accepted into school where they should be retained securely out of reach of children. The medication should be handed into the office in the morning with a completed Prescribed Medication Form. We do not administer paracetemol e.g Calpol unless prescribed by a doctor. 

Prescribed Medication Form


Regular attendance is very important, please read the attached latter sent informing you of the importance of good attendance, the benefits and what you can do as a parent or guardian to limit your child absences from school.

Attendance Letter