St Therese of Lisieux

St Norbert's
Catholic Primary School

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“Students learn by doing – smelling, seeing, hearing, touching and tasting as well as thinking either creatively or logically. All their senses are utilised in all sorts of manners so that learning is meaningful and practical- not something so alien that they have to be forced upon to do. When children find learning meaningful, they will naturally want to learn more and hence, they will be self-motivated and do not need to be pushed by adults to learn.” (Burke and Grosvenor, 2003)

Integrated Curriculum

Here at St. Norbert’s Primary School, our integrated curriculum moves away from the subject-based approach allowing for an adventurous and imaginative approach to topic based learning. By incorporating investigative question themes into subject areas and incorporating personal and learning skill development techniques, the curriculum equips children to be lifelong learners, successful not just in tests, but in their education and life beyond.

Each year group will study six learning units throughout the year which provide meaningful context for teaching and learning, helping to motivate engage pupils using strategies such as role-play, drama, model-making, presentations, videos and more.

Having a topic based approach allows children time to get under the skin of the foundation subjects and bring the learning alive. Regular visits and trips will happen regularly throughout the year to help make the learning relevant for the children and engage them in their learning.

Core Learning Skills
Throughout the integrated curriculum runs our core learning skills approach. This approach focuses on skills the children will need to succeed in school and in life after school and good progression of these skills throughout all subjects.

It focuses on four main areas:

  • Thinking Skills – Information processing and evaluation; Reasoning and enquiry; Creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Speaking and Listening – Speaking; Listening; Conversation and discussion skills.
  • Personal and Social Competencies – Improving own learning and performance; Developing a sense of self-worth and understanding of self and others; Learning with others.
  • Character Education-Each term we focus and celebrate one of the following values and attitudes in our pupils and staff. These include, Challenge, Uniqueness, Positivity, Perception and Action.

 Our pupils learning depends on our curriculum in which:

  • all pupils from every kind of background are equally recognised as being creative
  • learning engages pupils in serious, meaningful, relevant, imaginative and challenging activities and tasks
  • pupils are respected for their knowledge, experience and capabilities
  • pupils have an individual and collective right to actively shape their education
  • adults have the power to support, adapt and evaluate learning experiences for pupils exercising professional judgement
  • we invest in teacher learning
  • we build partnerships with creative individuals and organisations
  • we enable pupils to participate fully in social and cultural worlds
  • families and community play a purposeful role in pupils learning.

English and Maths Across the Curriculum
“English and Maths across the curriculum” at St. Norbert’s means to us; making links between English, Maths and other curriculum subjects and areas of learning so that skills are embedded for life.

 Learning and teaching literacy and numeracy across the curriculum has three major aims:

  • To broaden and enhance children’s command of literacy and numeracy skills, by providing them with a range of different contexts in which to use, and practice, these skills.
  • To locate the teaching of the literacy and numeracy skills which are central to the language of a particular topic within that subject.
  • To enhance the learning of the subject itself and the attitudes of children towards that learning

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