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Celebrating Faith

April 2020

March 2020

 Fouth Sunday of Lent

In the Gospel story this week, we hear what happened when a blind man saw Jesus for who he really was, trusted in Him and was healed as a result.

Like the blind man in the Gospel, we too can trust in Jesus. We can give ourselves to Him, we can believe in Him and we can receive a better way of looking at things.

We can see Jesus as He truly is - our friend and our God.


1st Sunday of Lent 

Our Lenten mission is to Pray, Give Alms and Fast with Mr Morton

Matthew 4:1-11

Then the Spirit led Jesus into the desert to be tempted by the Devil. After spending forty days and nights without food, Jesus was hungry. Then the Devil came to him and said, “If you are God's Son, order these stones to turn into bread.”


February 2020


Gospel Worship Monday 24th February 2020 with Mrs Withers; Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A) with Mrs Withers


Today Jesus asks us to love our neighbours and to share generously all that we have. Let’s think about sharing in our community as we listen to the reading.

Gospel: Matthew 5:38-48


Ash Wednesday Mass

St. Norbert's Voluntary Academy shared Ash Wednesday together with their Parish community.  Fr. Jim and Deacon Dennis delivered a clear message of Prayer, Fasting and Alms giving with Chaplaincy Team leading the readings and writing their own intercessions for mass.  How will you be sharing Lenten message?



Pop up Prayer Station - Journey with Matthew

Our Journey with Matthew began in Ordinary Tme and continues into Lent with a reading each day to focus on and understand the life of Jesus through our Scriptures.  Children are able to quietly reflect upon the importance of prayer; we should not make a big show of it.






Gospel Worship with Mrs Withers : Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year A)

Today we thought about the light that Faith and Love brings and how to use that light to bring others closer to God.



Gospel Worship - Monday 3rd February 

The Presentation of the Lord- Led by Miss Whyles


Today we hear about Jesus and his family and a special trip they took to Jerusalem. We hear about the special things that happened to Jesus there and all that was said about him.



Year 6 Worship

An amazing worship created and delivered by Year 6 today - what a testament to their creativity and confidence.  They involved so many children by inviting them to share prayers - such an engaging way to start.



January 2020

Pop up Prayer Station - Week of Christian Unity





Gospel Worship

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A): Led by Mr. Morton 

Today we are going to be talking about light. We are going to think about how we can bring light to the lives of other people.



Year 6 Homelessness Day

Year 6 are beginning to understand the simple nature of being homelees - living outside; the wind is blowing; it's cold; and we are experiencing how to be resourceful with limited equipment.




Gospel Worship

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A): Led by Mrs.Withers

Today we hear how something special happened to Jesus after his baptism. The Holy Spirit came down and rested on him. We are going to think about the Holy Spirit and how it can help us to do what is right.



Year 5 Worship

Year 5's Class Worship reflected all of their hard work in RE so far this term.  We reflected on whether we have a mission in life?  A huge well done to all the children.




Gospel Worship

The Feast of the Baptism of our Lord- First Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year A); Led by Miss Whyles

Sunday was the first Sunday of  Ordinary Time and the Solemnity of the Baptism of our Lord.  This event marks the conclusion of the Christmas Season and the beginning of  Ordinary Time.  It’s a feast of transition from Jesus’ hidden life to that of His public ministry.  It also echoes the theme of the Epiphany in that the Baptism of the Lord is another way of showing Jesus’ divinity to all.  




May we extend our thanks to Father Jim and everyone who joined us today, gathering to celebrate the Holy Mass for the Epiphany Lord.


Article 28:  You have the right to a good quality Education.



December 2019

Walsingham Pilgrimage

The children in Year 5 as well as other school children.  Enjoyed their pilgrimage reflecting on the Word of God, sharing in Mass and taking time in personal prayer in and around Our Lady’s shrine in the Slipper Chapel.
Five members of the public came to us at the end of Mass to commend our St. Norbert’s children.  Their outstanding behaviour, impeccable manners, exceptional conduct and beautiful singing.  So proud of you all.

 Carol Singing at the Dementia Cafe

Year 6 took a special Christmassy type of joy to the Dementia Cafe where they sang a collection of modern and traditional Christmas carols.

Article 29: Your education should help you develop your talents and live peacefully.




KS1 Nativity

On Tuesday and Wednesday, EYFS and KS1 shared the greatest story ever told .... along with the help of Stable boy - Sam and his friend Shrew in the Nativity play 'Prickly Hay'.  A wonderful production with super acting, reading and singing.

Article 30: You have the right to practice your own religion. 


Advent Reconciliation

Chaplains from Year 5 and 6 helped plan and lead our Advent reconciliation alongside four of our local Parish Priests who came to celebrate and hear confessions.  A passage from Isaiah formed part of our reflection time back in class for those who do not receive the Sacrament.

Article 3: Adults should do what is best for you.


Christmas Unwrapped

Year 6 are reflecting on their session at the Baptist Church, 'Christmas Unwrapped' which took place on Friday.  They have been considering factual information shared in the bible relating to the birth of Christ.



Gospel Worship

Led by Mrs Withers

Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. Advent is a special time when we get ready for the coming of Jesus. It is very exciting when we know that someone is coming to visit us. We make sure that we are ready when they come. During our Gospel Worship we thought about what it means to be welcoming, and how we get ready to welcome Jesus.

We also thought about the new month we welcome a new value…Honesty.

The children enjoyed singing our Psalm today, follow the link if you would like to reflect on the words through song. 


November 2019

Saint of the Term, Saint Lucy

Our Saint of the Term is Saint Lucy, linking to the Gospel Value - Truth.  Our family faith mission was to create a light, as the name Lucy itself,  means light.  Her feast day, known as Saint Lucy's Day, is celebrated on 13th December.

Article 19; You have the right to be safe. 


Universal Children's Day Liturgy

To celebrate the amazing children in our school and indeed, across the world, the staff prepared and led a special liturgy to celebrate Universal Children's Day alongside the help of Fr Jim.


Article 2;  All children have rights no matter who they are.


Year 1 Class Worship

Year 1 planned and shared their special Class Worship all about belonging.  We reflected together on what this means to us as individuals, as part of a community and as part of God's family.

Article 9; You have the right to be part of a family.


Anti Bullying Week

As a school we took part in Anti-Bullying week.  Each class put kind thoughts, words and actions into practice and used our RE, prayer and P4C sessions to consider how we can demonstrate our Mission Statement - Love of God, Love of Life Itself as well as our Rights Respecting ethos.

Article 15; You have the right to choose your own friends and join or set up groups, as long as it isn't harmful to others. 

Remembrance Service

School Council led on commemorating the fallen by delivering a Remembrance Service alongside Deacon Dennis.  The children delivered a heart-felt and reflective liturgy with prayer, silence, poetry and song.

They also worked  exceptionally hard as a team to promote and raise funds for the Royal British Legion.

Article 38: You have the right to protection and freedom from war.

Year 6 Collective Worship


October 2019

Harvest Service

Father Stan joined us along with the Chaplaincy Team to celebrate and give thanks for all God has provided for us.  We had an extraordinary amount of donations for Missio as part of the Pope's call for October as a month of mission.  In additionto this, in response to Bishop Patrick's directive to support the homeless, our school community also donated clothes and non-perishable goods.

Article 26: You have the right to help from the Government if you are poor or in need.


Year 6 Leading Gospel Worship

Year 6 shared a beautiful Gospel Worship, one pupil recited Luke 17:11-19.  Don't forget to share your prayer and thank Jesus as part of your mission.

We were reminded that we should be thankful to God like the leper who said thank you in the Gospel.

Article 30; You have the right to practice your religion. 

Year 2 Collective Worship

Year 2 celebrated Mary the Mother of Jesus and all mothers everywhere through a beautiful liturgy.  Key messages about the rosary, the special call to be a mother and the thanks and love we have for them.  We were delighted to have so many family members come and share in our special message and dedication.

Article 9: You have the right to be part of a family.


A month of Mary - Rosary Club

Mrs Amess and the Chaplaincy Team led Rosary Club during October, sharing the special prayers, mysteries and reflections of the Rosary in the peace of Our Lady's garden.

Children from each class lived out their faith through joining the voluntary prayer sessions.

Article 15; You have the right to choose your own friends and join or set up groups.



Year 4 Collective Worship

Year 4 led a wonderful Class Worship based on our topic 'People'.  Year 4 planned the worship together and did a fabulous job of reading and singing.  They wanted everyone to remember we are all part of God's family and we can follow and guide others to God.

Article 12; You have the right to your own opinion.


Little Ways Week

We celebrated and remembered the message of our CMAT's patron Saint - St Therese of Lisieux.  As a child St Therese dreamed of being a missionary.  With age she understood that very few of us are called to make big and radical gestures, but that through small, loving actions we too can deliver God's love to the world.

Throughout the week we engaged with days of prayer and service, following in St Therese's footsteps to deliver the core message of spreading love through our actions.

Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.  It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.



World Mental Health Day


This World Mental Health Day we said #HelloYellow here at St. Norbert's to show young people they are not alone with their mental health.

We added comments to our display all day -



Article 17;  You have the right to get information that is important to your well-being. 


Mary's Garden

To enhance and reinvigorate our beautiful prayer space, children at school have been planting a wide variety of bulbs in our prayer gardent.  We are looking forward to seeing them grow and bloom.

Article 31: You have the right to play and rest.


St Therese of Lisieux Feast Day Mass

Our children and staff, including the School Chaplaincy Team attended the Feast Day Mass of St Therese of Lisieux at the Catholic Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Lincoln.

Article 14: You have the right to choose your own religion and beliefs. 


Year 3 Collective Worship

Children celebrated being part of and not just their own families but also part of God's family.  They thought about all the different families all over the world and the places that they live in.  They gave thanks to God for the love and care they receive and celebrated the gifts that we are given as part of a family such as love, happiness and joy.




September 2019

Saint of the Term - St Francis LOVE

Our prayer web greets everyone who walks through the school.  We have been discussing St. Francis who is the patron saint of ecology and animals and this formed part of our family faith challenge.  did you know, his feast day is on the 4th October.

Article 8: You have the right to an identity.



NSPCC - Drop your books and BOOGIE!

We had a visitor from the NSPCC to teach us about who they are what their mission is.  We learnt about children who needed the help of the NSPCC to help to stay safe and live happy and fulfilled lives.  We raised money through sponsored 'Drop you books and Boogie' day, where on the hour, we danced!  It was fantastic fun and we raised a staggering £347!  We took the opportunity to reflect on our cause and why we were fundraising during worship and prayer times in class.

Article 36: You have the right to protection.


The Briars

Year 6 went on a fantastic retreat to the Briars, allowing them to encounter Christ and reinvigorate their faith.  Through prayer, worship and fun, the children attended quiet prayer times, Mass, took part in team building exercises, went caving and marvelled at the wonders of God's wonderful world in the Derbyshire Countryside.

Article 31; You have the right to play and rest.