St Therese of Lisieux

St Norbert's
Catholic Primary School

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You can also see further admissions information on St Therese of Lisieux website at the link below:  

Mid-Year Applications

If you are looking for a Mid-year school place, for example if your child is moving from another school or new into the county you will need to contact Lincolnshire County Council to apply for a place at St. Norbert's Catholic Primary School please contact Lincolnshire County Council School Admissions on 01522 782030  otherwise you can apply online.

Reception 2019

If applying after this time you may have to wait until the next round of offers go out. Primary school offer will be available from Tuesday 16th April 2019. 

  • Children born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015 are due to start Reception in September 2019.

Reserve List

If you are unable to obtain a place for your child we are able to place them on a waiting list. Please contact the school office for your child to be added, if a place then becomes available we will contact all on the waiting list for that particular year group and apply our admissions criteria.

Your child's name will only stay on the waiting list until the end of the current academic year, if you would like your childs name to continue to be on the list please call the school office in September. 

Who to contact for further information.

Ethnic Minority and Traveller Education Team
If you are experiencing difficulties with the admission
of your child due to a cultural or language bariier you
may wish to contact the service who will try to assist you.

01427 787190

Special Educational Needs
If your child has a statement of Special Educational Needs
and you require further advice about the process, phone the
Additional Needs Team.

01522 553332

Parent Partnership
Can provide admissions information, advice and support
to parents of children with Special Educational Needs and
Disability (SEND).

01522 553351
Department of Education
The admissions codes of practice and school performance
tables can be found at
0370 000 2288
Office for Standards in Education
Inspections reports or individual schools can be found at
0300 123 1231











 Key Dates for Reception Admission September 2019.

The application process starts 14/11/2018 
Closing date for admissions 15/01/2019 
Late applications or changes cannot
be dealt with after
You can view your offered school online
or the letter will be posted on
Any late applications or changes received
after the stated dates will be offered where
possible in the week commencing











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Parish Boundary- Spalding and St. Norbert's 

Parish Boundary- Holy Trinity Holbeach

Parish Boundary- St. Gilbert, Bourne with Our Lady of Lincoln & St. Guthlac 

If you live close to a Parish boundary and you have a query as to which Parish you are located in please contact the school in the first instance as we should be able to answer most queries, if we are unsure we are able to contact Nottingham Diocese who can liaise with the Bishops House if necessary. 

If you have any questions regarding admission to Saint Norbert's School please contact the office on 01775 722889.