St Therese of Lisieux

St Norbert's
Catholic Primary School

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Recovery Statement of Intent Art and Design

As children return to school, now is the tine more than ever to embrace the arts as an integral part of learning and well-being. At St Norbert’s art has underpinned everything we do and this will not change but the ways in which we adapt our uses may well do. Art can provide enrichment and engagement across the curriculum as well as allowing for immersion and creativity in pure art focussed sessions. There will be many opportunities to practice skills in art and progress through to new ones that can enhance other areas of learning. This could include using one or more art-forms as a framework or key driver, e.g., using art work to teach historical sources and using the arts to link different subjects, e.g., Maths and English through movement and visual storytelling.

There may be a need for creative activities which focus on PSHE and wellbeing, activities for both at home students and in-school students, while also adapting to new spaces, outdoor learning, different routines and for ways to continue to maintain their class and school community spirit.

The Arts have proven benefits for metacognition. We have reflection built in to learning opportunities and projects, and support children to analyse their learning and enjoyment in a supportive, positive way. This will be key for all subjects, and we believe that the arts, has a real role to play in supporting children finding the love of learning again.