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Year 6                                   Mr Morton                        Advent 2

Class Newsletter

Advent 2 in Year Six

What a busy start we had in Advent  1! …are we ready to take on the depth of learning in Advent 2?

Well, this term we have our PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it is paramount that you remember to bring your PE kit along on these days…it is also advisable that you take your PE kit home weekly for a wash to avoid any unpleasant aromas in our Yr 6 cloakroom!  Tuesday is our Yr 6 Dance session, where this term we will be looking more towards choreographing dances and movement in line with Wartime Britain. Our Thursday PE session is with Mr Crockett/Mrs McMurray and will focus on Invasion games such as Hockey, Football, Basketball and tag-rugby. Also on a Thursday lunch time we have a KS2 running club which all KS2 children are entitled to join in with.

On Wednesday’s afternoon and Thursday mornings you will be taught by Mrs Fairbanks, English, ICT, Philosophy and Maths. Remember that Wednesday is also your day for a spelling test and returning your homework for checking. Who will be our Homework Champions this term?

As Year 6 pupils you need to set a clear example to our younger learners and prepare yourselves for life at Secondary school, so here are some tips which might help you towards this:

Keep smart – Make sure you arrive at school on time, always do your best and wear your uniform smartly. You must have your name in everything, including P.E. kit so that things don’t get lost or mixed up. It is important as a Year 6 to display the correct uniform at all times, so please make sure you only wear school coloured hair bobbles, correct gold stud earrings, no further jewellery and the appropriate black school shoes.

 Keep healthy – Remember you can bring a water bottle (with your name on) to school, so that you can have a drink at break times.  It’s great to be able to have a drink during the school day but as Yr 6’s, please demonstrate responsibility as to when and how much water you are consuming as this can also have an adverse reaction during lesson times! Please also take bottles home every day, for a good wash and replenish with fresh water.  Please make sure that you are not bringing juice into the classroom to drink.

 Be independent- Are you remembering to hand in letters and money to me and to give letters to the grown-ups at home? Are you preparing your school bag daily? Have you remembered your PE kit? Have you remembered your homework book? Are you prepared for the day’s learning?

 Keep safe - You are not allowed to wear any jewellery in P.E. so please make sure you have taken your earrings out if you wear them. It is safer not to wear jewellery at all when you are at school.  Remember too that long hair needs to be tied back. As the nights are drawing in, have you thought about high visibility reflectors for your school bags and coats? Do you cycle to school? Has your bike got adequate lighting? Please check.

 Keep practising – Always remember to read daily at home and bring your school reading book to school every day. Each term we have ‘reading Champions’ in Year 6 whom show enthusiasm for reading and log over 50 reads! Will you be this term’s reading champion? Try writing some book reviews or even character descriptions. Practise those spellings daily and keep learning all your times tables facts. Our Y6 Times tables challenge is to recite a set of tables in ‘Hussein Bolt’ lightning speed! The fastest speed for reciting the 8x tables currently is 11.76 seconds…can you beat this?                       

Keep up the good work – Make sure you do your best and enjoy doing your homework .  If you have any difficulties you can always talk to us about it, or a grown up could write a note on your homework. You will get homework on Fridays and you must bring it back by the following Wednesday.  Although we set Maths, Reading and Spellings, there is nothing stopping you from researching your topic work further, finding out more about the Re or History topics or even developing your artistic and creative skills – how far can you take your homework?

 Spellings- Make sure you practise your spellings a little bit every day ready for your test on Wednesday morning.  Practising everyday means that you will remember them in the future. Try using each one in a sentence to make sure you understand the meaning of the words you are learning.

 What are we going to be learning in Term 2?

Our first couple of weeks will see us continuing our Topic of WW2, thinking about Remembrance Sunday and the effect the war had on many peoples lives. We will move on to investigate and research answers to the following question:

Which civilisation was greatest Greece or Egypt?

 Before half term we spoke about utilising our coordinate skills from Maths and Geography and mapping a Winter WW2 walk around the locality to experience the plight of evacuees and the distances some of them had to travel. We will also be researching artefacts and photographic evidence from the War to establish how it shaped our countries (Great Britain, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, France and Spain alongside the impact it had on the World

We will also be learning about Ancient Greece and Egypt, discussing how each of these countries and cultures developed and which one, in our opinion was the greatest.

In Science we are looking at and learning about Reversible and Irreversible changes, carrying out investigations and simple experiments to further develop our ‘conclusion’ writing. In our Outdoor learning linked to Design Technology we will be creating ‘Gifts’ as part of our product making unit. We will look at joining materials, skills of drilling, cutting and jointing alongside different finishing techniques.

In English we will be looking at Choral and Performance Poetry, Historical Stories (War Horse by Michael Morpurgo and In Flanders fields by Jorgensen & Harrison Lever) whilst also challenging ourselves in use of parenthesis brackets, speech and commas through our Grammar.

In our Maths learning we will be covering many different areas from division, fractions, shape, symmetry and measures. We will be looking at decimals, fractions and percentages alongside developing our understanding of angles, degrees of turn, translation, reflection and knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes. We will also be championing our times tables weekly so see how fast you can recall the facts at home! 


We complete our topic of The Domestic Church – Family and also our topic of Baptism and belonging (Vocation and Commitment) before leading into exploring our Advent Topic in our preparations for Christmas time. How could you support your learning in RE this term?   

To help you with your learning I have put some websites below for you to use. And don’t forget that we have all the amazing activities on the ‘Sumdog’ website that you can explore.  

As part of our learning this year we will be looking at the variety of questions which are posed through SATs tests, assessments and tests. There are many resources online to support and challenge you with this – take a look and see.

Maybe you have a favourite website that you use.  Let me know the address and we can add it to the website.



Article 17: Every child has the right to reliable information and should be information that the children understand.