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Celebrating Faith

New School Year Mass- January 2018

Yr 6 children lead the New Year Mass at St. Norbert’s Primary school. The service was led by Fr. Paul, accompanied by Year 6 readers and prayers shared by the children. The mission shared was to ‘Be Merciful like the Father’.

The whole school displayed a reverence for the words and readings being shared and shared in the ‘New beginnings’ that the New Year brings. Fr. Paul challenged the children to respond to the Gospel reading (The Prodigal Son), asking probing questions and gaining a good, informative response from the children. We thank Fr. Paul and the Year 6 children for their involvement and sharing of God’s message.

EYFS/KS1 Nativity- December 2017

The children in EYFS and KS1 performed their Nativity ‘Gabriel’s Big Break!’. The performance was outstanding and the children demonstrated excellent skills in reading, speaking in clear voices, beautiful singing using expressive voices and fantastic acting. The children were able to share a clear message of the true meaning of Christmas from an alternative point of view. They really enjoyed performing to friends and family and took great pride in their achievements. Thank you to all parents and family who provided costumes, as well as supporting the children in learning their lines confidently and joining us to celebrate the event. 


Year 6 Mass- 15th November 2017  
Year 6 welcomed Fr. Jim and Deacon Dennis to their class Mass. The theme was focused on Wisdom and how we can share our understanding and knowledge of wisdom with others. It was a beautiful experience for all those in attendance as the Year 6 children demonstrated a high level of respect and reverence during the Mass. The singing was angelic, peaceful and underpinned the message being delivered. The children organised and arranged who was to take the role of ‘reader’, whilst the Year 6 girls organised their own choir and hymns to support the mass. The children shared God’s message clearly with the Class and members of the Parish who had also been invited to worship. The class respectfully offered their prayers and thoughts with the congregation as they led the Mass, Fr. Jim sharing and reflecting on the meaning of the Word, whilst discussing with the children the importance of using our gifts wisely.

All Saint Mass- 1st November 2017
We walked to church with our partners for the All Saints Day Mass.  When we arrived and sat down we sang some songs while we waited for Father Jim.  We had some readers from the Chaplaincy Team from Year 4 and two people from Year 5 carried the bread and wine to the altar.  Father Jim taught us about how we could be like a Saint and asked us who we knew that were like saints.  Also in Mass the people that have taken their Holy Communion ate the bread and the people that have not taken their Holy Communion had a blessing from Father Jim and Deacon Dennis.  Then we had our final blessing before we returned to school for our learning.-Written by Year 4 child. 

New School Year Mass- 13th September 2017
We celebrated our first Mass of the New School Year here at St. Norbert’s with Fr. Jim and Deacon Dennis. It was lovely to see our families and parishioners joining us for this special Mass in which we focused on the theme of, “Faith, Commitment and Joy.”  Fr. Jim gave a fantastically reflective homily which enabled us to consider how richly diverse our school community is and how faith brings us together in God’s family. He reminded us that at the start of a new year it is a good time to reflect on how committed we are to things in our lives, we remembered that at times tings may not be easy but that we should remain committed, try our best and shine the light we have been given. Finally he spoke to us of the absolute joy that lies within our hearts that are filled with the love of Christ and how we can be joyful in our daily lives. Let us take those messages forward into the way we approach this new school year and all the adventure and challenge lying ahead of us.

Saint Peter & St Paul Mass- 29th June 2017
The whole school walked to church to join our Parish Family in celebrating the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul. We would firstly like to extend our gratitude to our parent volunteers and parishioners who made this possible by walking with us, our thanks goes to Fr.Jim who was able to recruit additional walkers to join us at school. The weather thankfully remained fairly dry and we were all able to enjoy a thought-provoking Mass in which Fr.Jim shared the lessons that can be learned from the examples of St. Peter and St. Paul. Some of our Year 3 and 4 pupils who have recently made their First Holy Communion read in church and made us proud. The singing was joyful and the Mass was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Lenten Reconciliation Service- 15th March 2017
Father Paul returned to the school, accompanied by Father Stan and Father Daniel, for our Lenten Reconciliation service.  All the school’s children took part in the first stage of the service, a time of prayer and reflection on the meaning of Lent, then those older children who have made their First Holy Communion remained behind for the Act of Reconciliation with one of the three priests present.  St Norbert’s is extremely grateful to all our local clergy who do so much to support the school as it seeks to fulfil its Catholic mission.

Year 6 Class Mass 25th January 2017
Thank you to Fr. Jim and Year 6 who enjoyed a beautifully reflective Mass in school this week, the theme was hope and the children’s dreams for the future. They created a beautiful tree of hope as a focal point and made small scrolls with their hopes for the future recorded. As part of our legacy following the Year of Mercy, these scrolls are going to be contained in a time capsule and buried on site here at school. 

Reconciliation Service- 7th December 2016
We held the school’s Reconciliation Service, with grateful thanks to Fathers Paul, Jim and Stan for their invaluable support, and for enabling us to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation with Key Stage 2 children.  The theme this year was ‘From Darkness to Light’, when we reflected on the need for the light of Christ to shine in our lives. 


EYFS & KS1 Nativity- Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th December 2016
On Monday, with a repeat showing the following day, was the EYFS and Key Stage 1 Nativity Play entitled, “Behind the Stable Door”, where we found out about the Christmas story, told from the perspective of the animals who are puzzled by the strange goings-on in and around their lowly stable. Key Stage 1 children acted, sang and danced with great enthusiasm and vibrancy – putting on a tremendous show for the parents, grandparents and others who made up the audiences on both days. Our thanks go to everyone involved, especially Miss Bools, Miss Blacoe and Mrs Gray, as well as all the other adults whose hard work and patience helped to make the play such a success.

Judaism Day- 16th November 2016
We have been learning about the special objects and symbols this Jewish faith has and how these help us to live our lives; for example we learnt about the Ten Commandments and how these were written onto scrolls for us to live our lives by. We also learnt that the Torah is written in Hebrew and their writing starts at the back of the bible and they read and write backwards to the front of the bible. It was an amazing day learning and sharing stories, artefacts and signs from a different faith.

Year 4 and 5 -What we learnt 

New School Year Mass-14th September 2016
We marked the beginning of the new school year on Wednesday with a concelebrated Mass, led by Fr. Jim, on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross and everyone had the opportunity to venerate a relic of the True Cross. Fr. Stan explained to the children about the relic and was very impressed with the answers they gave to his questions.  

Year 3 Class Mass- 6th July 2016
This week we shared a celebration Mass with Fr. Jim to recognise and acknowledge The Sacred Heart. The children prepared the Mass, shared their thoughts, opinions and memories alongside responding in prayer to both the Word and the Holy Communion. The song selection was beautifully put together with Marco and Olivia singing a duet during the worship. Emilija read confidently and clearly the Word of the Lord, making sure the message had been understood. Fr. Jim questioned the children on their understanding of each part of the Mass and shared an insight into why certain actions were carried out and how this translated into the Mass.

St. Norbert's Feast Day- 6th June 2016
Monday 6th June was the Feast Day for our patron saint - St Norbert.  We celebrated this special day for our school and parish with a special Mass.  Fr. Jim told the children all about how the Norbertine order of priests came to Spalding and helped with the growth of the Catholic Church in our area. Thank you to all of those people who joined us to share in this special day including Deacon Dennis and parishioners.